Thursday, 29 January 2015

Angling Blog

I've been debating for quite a while whether or not to do a angling blog as I just don't get the time to fish often anymore however I decided to write one anyway!

This blog will be a mixture of photography, wildlife, weird and wonderful fish and of course the odd bit of angling!

My underwater images feature regularly in Anglers Mail mostly in the rig diagrams.

I'm a big fan of catching all manner of species from gudgeon to pike and although I mainly coarse fish I'm also a keen fly and sea angler so expect a variety of fishing and species.

Heres some of my favourite captures of last year

 While filming for my 'Beneath the waterline' film I took part in the Anglers Paradise Lure Weekend which I highly recommend great fun catching a range of species and you can sample some of zygs magic wine! (not for the faint hearted!) 

 The highlight was this monster perch it wasn't weighed but was pushing 4lb by my guess the image doesn't do it justice as the girth on this beauty was huge!

As well as monster perch a Tiger Trout came to one of my lures (a hybrid between a brown trout and brook trout) they fight like stink and not found in many fisheries now.

I did which has to be my most enjoyable job to date which was being a cameraman on the second series of 'Mr Crabtree Goes Fishing' which took me all over the country filming John Bailey and Young Peter (James Buckley) every now and then I got the chance to wet a line and while in France caught this pumpkinseed a American invasive species.

Devon provided me with my biggest eel while float fishing for a couple hours such fantastic fish.

Filming some scenics over a carp lake in France 

Even though I'm in my mid twenties I still get the same buzz when I was a kid and catching my first zander at rutland water really brought it back for me. 

 As i mentioned above its not all about bit fish and I was quite happy catching gudgeon on my local river.

To finish the blog off Here's some of my underwater footage which you can expect more of in coming blogs looking at the fish and how the interact with baits.


  1. I'm following, look forward to the updates.